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Giants can't bluff on Kenny Phillips' knee

If you're like me -- and a few others in the media -- then you think that the Giants' pursuit of Antrel Rolle is a big red flag in the rehabilitation of Kenny Phillips' knee. There seems to be a good chance that the Giants need a free safety more than we thought they might. And any good agent would try to exploit that need into more money for his client in negotiating with the Giants.

Antrel Rolle is represented by Drew Rosenhaus. Kenny Phillips is represented by ... Drew Rosenhaus.

Is that a conflict of interest? No. There's nothing unseemly about it. But it does put the Giants in a position where they cannot downplay their urgency (assuming, as we are, that there is one). If there is any agent who knows exactly how over-the-barrell the Giants are in regard to Kenny Phillips' knee condition, it's the one they're dealing with to get Rolle signed.

That could wind up costing them a few extra bucks for Rolle, who is also being courted by the Dolphins and the Cardinals.

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