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Giants aim to stay free of COVID-19 during short break ahead of regular season

Giants head coach Joe Judge talks to running

Giants head coach Joe Judge talks to running back Wayne Gallman Jr. during training camp at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, N.J., on Aug. 18. Credit: Brad Penner

The Giants players – at least those who still will be Giants players when the weekend is over – get to take a break for a few days now. Training camp ended on Thursday and the regular-season grind begins with team meetings on Monday. It’ll be the first time they’re given so much free time since they reported for camp in mid-July.

In other words, this will be their first big test of responsibility and restraint when it comes to avoiding the coronavirus.

The results of the daily testing have shown that the players have done an outstanding job of staying out of harm’s way. They have not had a player test positive since July. But up until now, Joe Judge and the coaches have kept the players too busy to find restaurants and bars and other places where COVID-19 can lurk. It’s been getting up early in the morning to come to work at the team facility, going home late at night after a full day of meetings and practices, sleeping and doing it all over again.

These next few days, that schedule changes. A lot.

Judge said he isn’t worried.

“I’d say I trust our team to make the right decisions,” Judge said. “They give me no reason to think otherwise at this point.”

Players still are required to check in at the facility for their daily testing during the time off, so no one will be traveling too far.

“To this point our players have demonstrated the awareness that they have to have to keep the team in mind with all decisions that we have in front of us,” Judge said. “I’m proud of the way they have done that. I’m proud of the way they deal with the protocols to keep our team healthy.”

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