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Giants-Cowboys: The Bottom Five

It all comes down to this. Four games, two of them against the Cowboys, to determine the success or failure of the 2011 season. Very exciting. Lots to talk and write about. Lots to analyze. And in this season of making lists and checking twice, we are about to give you the Bottom Five Things to Look For in Sunday’s clash between the Giants and Cowboys.

Why the bottom five? Because many other websites and blogs will offer you a top 5, but the list of keys and storylines is invariably much longer than that. It goes all the way to the bottom. Which is where we stand with a butterfly net waiting to catch them.

So here we go, the Bottom Five Things to Look For on Sunday:

5. Perry Fewell’s pregame speech is mistakenly read off of last week’s index cards, sending the Giants all the way to Green Bay in search of Aaron Rodgers’ a--.

4. Jerry Jones shakes hands with John Mara before the game, but Mara has that smug “we got a naming rights deal for our stadium and you haven’t yet” grin. It’s an icy exchange.

3. After each touchdown by the Giants, the player who scored runs over and presents the ball to David Nelson’s girlfriend. After the game, Eli Manning stops to sign his name on David Nelson's girlfriend, saying later that it's a tradition that exists in other stadiums as well.

2. Third quarter announcement: “Congratulations to the lucky fan in Section 329, Row G, Seat 9! If you look under your seat, you’ll find DeMarcus Ware’s missing manhood!”

1. Just as the clock is approaching midnight in the east, the Giants intercept Tony Romo to seal the win, prompting the following headline: Antrel Rolle Makes Key Play ... At The End Of The Day.

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