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Good Afternoon

Giants-Cowboys: The Bottom Five

It’s New Year’s Eve, so what better time for a countdown than tonight? And that we’re also counting down to the big Giants-Cowboys game – the biggest regular-season meeting between the two teams and, you could argue, the most significant regular-season finale in Giants history – only adds to the suspense!

Of course there are plenty of things to look for in this game. Eli vs. Romo. Tuck vs. Ware. Jacobs vs. every Cowboys fan who has ever lived. And there are lots of websites and papers and even networks that are breaking down this contest to tell you who has an advantage and what’s at stake.

But they only scratch the surface because here, as we’ve done all year long, we plumb the depths important nuggets. Yes, each week we’ve presented a list of the Bottom Five Things to Look For and this week, the 16th game, is no exception. Tom Coughlin has told the team to “Finish!” a zillion times since the start of training camp back in July. Some of it obviously rubbed off here.

So without further ado, without any streamers or confetti or those annoying Nivea hats and noise makers, we present the final Bottom Five of 2011 … just in time for the first game of 2012.

5. Hakeem Nicks is open in the end zone but mishandles a pass from Eli Manning. It’s the first time a ball is dropped in New York on New Year’s and the crowd boos instead of cheers.

4. Victor Cruz is ostracized by his teammates for giving a little fist-pump every time his beloved Cowboys score.

3. Cris Collinswoth apologizes for his comments three weeks ago when he noted that Antrel Rolle was “barbecued” in coverage on the Dez Bryant touchdown. He decides that some better descriptions would have been “poached,” “sautéd,” or even “deep-fried,” but definitely not barbecued. Collinsworth is fired from NBC, but is immediately given his own show on the Food Network.

2. Brandon Jacobs’ touchdown dance is so suggestive, Ahmad Bradshaw is covered in body glitter and down $400 dollars after watching it.

1. Tony Romo’s right hand is so swollen and inflated that it is mistaken for the “K” ball and put into play at the end of regulation. Jason Pierre-Paul blocks it to win the game.

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