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A thousand yards? Easy does it says David Wilson

Giants running back David Wilson flips while celebrating

Giants running back David Wilson flips while celebrating a touchdown during the first half. (Dec. 30, 2012) Credit: AP

A thousand rushing yards? David Wilson doesn’t limit himself to such “easy” goals.

The second-year running back was asked about what he hopes to accomplish this season, now that he’s projected as the starter and should be getting a full season’s worth of carries. A thousand yards seems to be the measuring stick for running backs, but Wilson sounded like that’s not exactly indicative of a big year.

“I mean, we’ve got 16 games,” Wilson said yesterday. “I think a thousand yards is definitely the mark for every running back in the league. They definitely want to do that. I set high goals for myself, not something that is easy to reach. I’ll think about it and see what I come up with.”

When you think about it, 1,000 yards is a nice plateau but it’s not exactly a monster year anymore. If a running back plays all 16 games, getting to 1K means averaging just 62.5 rushing yards per game. That’s not burning it up.

It may be why Wilson has yet to establish his actual goals. He said last year that at the start of each season he jots down what he hopes to accomplish. His rookie list was haughty and he didn’t meet many of his objectives. This year he’ll at least have more of an opportunity to check items off his list … whenever he makes that list.

“I really haven’t set my goals as far as specifics,” Wilson said. “I know I definitely want to be on the field at the running back position a lot and definitely contribute, and make this running game work so the passing game can work, so we can win more games.”

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