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Giants defense hopes to be in the zone this season

While Perry Fewell has roots in a Tampa-2 system, he apparently isn’t bringing that with him to the Giants.

“I would label Coach Fewell as a multiple front, multiple-multiple coverage defensive coordinator,” Merritt said (using the word multiple multiple times). “I mean, he’s the furthest from a Tampa-2 guy.”

Cornerbacks coach Pete Giunta did say that the Giants would likely play more zone this year than they have in the past when they were known as a press-coverage team.

“We’re going to mix our coverage, maybe a little more zone than we’ve had in the past, but it will be a good mix of coverages,” Giunta said of Fewell’s philosophy.

The zones will allow the Giants defenders to have “more eyes on the football,” Giunta said, noting that it will help the run defense too because corners won’t have their backs to the play in coverage.

“He was around Dom Capers, he was around Lovie Smith, so some different zone principles,” Giunta said. “There may be more completions, but we’ll have guys flying in for tackles after the catch.”

Fewell is also bringing more intensity to the entire defense.

"Fewell is a very upbeat type of guy and our defense has a lot of upbeat players," Justin Tuck said. "We love how he approaches the game."

So do the coaches.

"It’s all about tackling and catching and running -- period," Merritt said. "Those are the basic fundamentals that we got away from last year. And Coach Fewell is brining that back."

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