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What do you think of the Giants' first round picks?

Daniel Jones of Duke reacts after being chosen

Daniel Jones of Duke reacts after being chosen No. 6 overall by the Giants during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft on April 25 in Nashville. Photo Credit: Getty Images/Andy Lyons

It was a big first round for the Giants, who had three selections on opening night of the 2019 NFL Draft. With the No. 6 overall pick, the Giants selected Daniel Jones, a quarterback from Duke. At No. 17 overall, Big Blue picked Dexter Lawrence, a defensive tackle from Clemson. They later traded back into the first round, selecting Deandre Baker, a cornerback from Georgia, at No. 30 overall. What are you thoughts on the Giants' night in Nashville?

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Mark, NJ

They wanted the quarterback and took him.

Stephen G. Sisselman, Melville

We basically have become the laughing stock of the league.

joseph gabrielli, manhasset

I’m thankful for the Raiders, otherwise the Giants would be the NFL’s laughing stock.

Geoff Graze, Guilford, CT

My opinion on this pick is that it is the worst pick

Kyle Brennan, Trumbull, CT

Daniel Jones could be the most underwhelming top 10 pick ever!!!

Marc, NJ

Dave Brown anyone?

Paul Millus, Bellerose Village

The Giants have replaced the Mets as the most incompetent management in NY!

Mike, Syosset

They left a great pass rusher on the board

Bruce Bennett, Centereach ny

Fire Dave Gettlemen.

Patrick, Port Jefferson

Every time I need good comedy, I just see what the Giants are doing.

Benjamin McKnight III, Hampton, VA

Someone please tell me what the plan here is?

Cle Bell, Piscataway, NJ

Womp 😒

Will Reed, Chicago

I don’t think you can print how I feel about the Giants’ picks.

Scott Banks, West Hempstead


D, St james

The Giants should have picked Josh Allen at #6.

Al Cardillo, Mineola

Gettleman is failing in this draft. It is real bad.

David Randall, Rockledge, Fla.

I don't like the Giants picking a quarterback here.

Jerry mcdermott, Sound beach ny

Finish 1-15 next year and get a REALLY good quarterback. Boy, what a great plan.

Ed Harnisch, Northport

Time will tell on Mr. Jones. But good pedigree, big CFB #’s so give the kid a chance.

Ray D, Selden

I have serious concerns about Gettleman’s competence as a GM.

Andrew Herbst, Ridge

Apparently the Giants consulted with James Dolan before the draft.

Ed Freedman, Westbury


Fred k, Smithtown

Great pick! Won't have to wait years to see if we need a new quarterback. We already know. #2020draft

B. Parcells, Nyack, New Jersey

This is an absolute joke. Fire Gettleman.

Al, Suffolk

Giants are rudderless & have lost their way.

Jim Carollo, Amagansett

The Giants are becoming a laughing stock.

Scott Pascucci, Oceanside

They are the worst run team in NY.

Chris F, East Islip

Gettleman has no clue what he is doing and will set the Giants back for many years.

John C, Northpirt

Moronic....The state of the NY Football Giants. 🙄

Tim, Port Jefferson Station

As per Gettleman, "he [Jones] can ride the bench like Aaron Rogers for 3 years..."😲 WILL GETTLEMAN OR ELI BE HERE IN...

Patrick Tierney, West Babylon

Horrible decision. Hasn't proven himself to be a 1st, 2nd round pick. Too many indecisions when passing. Does more well...

Lonnie Anderson , Islandia

Give the poor guy the chance to prove himself

Russell Rhine , Roslyn

no matter how good your quarterback is you cannot win without an offensive line , they failed on that account

john gibson, mamaroneck ,n.y

At the #6 they should have taken the edge rusher they needed and got Jones at 17.

Ken Brewer , Patchogue

Jones would have been there at 17. They passed over an impact defensive player to take a shot at a maybe.

Ron , Farmingville

Couldn't wait till 17? Really?

Glen Orenstein, Merrick

Should have picked Josh Allen at 6. Gettleman can't pick his nose let alone a 6 pick.

Daniel Richter, Hume, NY

This is not the flashy pick, but the safe one.

Rob Buttermilch , Seaford

The same whining from the "experts" as was heard about the No. 7 pick in 1979..... Phil Simms. Any questions?

Old Red, Wading River

I think they did extremely well. A big surprise!

Dennis Murray, Moriches

All you armchair GMs just slow your roll! No one knows anything till 5 years later.

Papa John, Port Washington

In 5 yrs we will know if the picks were good or very bad!

Bob. Fenton , East patchogue