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Giants-Eagles: The Bottom Five

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck during a game

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck during a game against the Falcons in 2009. Credit: Joe Rogate

Here we go again. It’s the Giants vs. the Eagles in their second meeting of the season and it’s a chance for the Giants to kill the mockingbirds and pluck the playoff hopes right from their neighbors down the Turnpike.

Of course there are some very integral storylines we’ve been following all week. Will Michael Vick play? Will Michael Boley play? How will the Giants be able to stop Shady McCoy? All valid things to keep in mind as you watch the Sunday Night broadcast (or, if you are lucky enough, as you watch the game from MetLife Stadium).

But here we go deep down the list and provide you with the most intense analysis available. That’s right. While other sites might give you 3, 5 or even 10 things to look for, we know that those are just numbers. We go all the way down and give you the Bottom Five Things to Look For in each game. And this one is no exception.

So here they are:

5. The self-loathing defensive captain is so depressed by his play that he welcomes fans outside the stadium and offers anyone who is wearing a 91 jersey a free “S” to be placed over the “T” on the back. He’ll even hand-sew or iron on the letter himself.

4. Michael Vick wears a Kevlar vest to protect his broken ribs even though his is not playing. Turns out he’s just trying to break in the bullet-proof garment for later in the evening when he swings by Juliet Supper Club for a post-game bite to eat.

3. Needing size and athleticism in the red zone, the Giants sign a new player: The C.W. Post professor who accidentally shot himself in the leg.

2. The Giants have asked fans to bring lots of canned and non-perishable food for their holiday drive to help the less fortunate. What about perishable foods and produce? They can be thrown at Steve Smith.

1. Making his debut for the Giants: The rookie cornerback formerly known as Prince.

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