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Giants expecting fired-up Cowboys on Sunday

Interesting thought from Eli Manning, who said that he thinks the firing of Wade Phillips will help the players … at least in their dealings with the media.

“I think in their case, a lot of the questions will stop,” Manning said. “They’ve been asked about Wade and Wade and Wade and now that will stop. It’s an opportunity for them to start over and (think) ‘Hey, we’ve got a new season.’ It’s under a new coach and they’ll be hyped up and ready to play and we have to match that intensity.”

Linebacker Michael Boley agreed that the Cowboys will come out revved up by the change.

“Attitude-wise, they’ll be a very different team,” Boley said. “We can expect a team that is the hungriest they’ve been all year.”

That includes when the Cowboys were 1-4 and facing the Giants a few weeks ago.

“I don’t think it was anywhere near how it’s going to be this coming Sunday,” Boley said. “They’re a desperate team. For them to be with one win this late in the season, you can only go one way. You can only go up from there. You can’t go any lower.”

Boley also said that he knows the Cowboys are coming in looking to stick it to the Giants.

“That would be good for them,” he said. “I think that is a goal for them, especially this being a division game. They’re playing spoiler right now, they want to try to be that team that says ‘We took the Giants’ wind away from them.’ We’re not going to let that happen.”

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