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Giants-Falcons: The Bottom Five

Jets rookie quarterback Greg McElroy ripped the culture

Jets rookie quarterback Greg McElroy ripped the culture surrounding his team, calling some players "extremely selfish individuals." (Aug. 29, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

It’s wild. It’s card. It’s the wild card round of the playoffs and the Giants are hosting some other NFC team I supposed in the first ever postseason game at MetLife Stadium. To be honest, there isn’t much to get all that amped up about in this matchup. Not even former Falcon Michael Boley is frothing over it. Heck, unless you went to Boston College, apparently the game will have little impact on your life.

But it is a playoff game and the Giants are in it. So as we’ve done all season we’ll take a look at the tiny details that others may have passed by. There are dozens if not hundreds of websites and papers and blogs that will cover the big storylines this week. Can the Giants win in spite of a last-place running game? Will Victor Cruz salsa? Why is the Falcons’ quarterback named after frozen water if he’s afraid to play outdoors in temperatures below 60 degrees?

That list is long and exciting. But it is not infinite. There is a bottom to it. And here, we plunge to the depths of that list to deliver, on a weekly basis, the Bottom Five Things to Look For. This week’s playoff edition includes:

5. The game will be delayed indefinitely as the Falcons have all of their Super Bowl-winning players on the field serving as honorary captains to call the coin toss. “Falcons, heads or tails? Falcons? Hello? Anybody here?”

4. After the game, Greg McElroy is available for interviews and willing to call whichever team lost a bunch of selfish players.

3. The announcers for the game will be Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli. The game will be played on Sunday but the winner won’t be revealed until the results show on Monday. Remember to call or text for who you think should advance!

2. The only white stuff that falls on the field is the confetti made from torn up pieces of newspaper containing all of the articles written early in the week about how there was a chance for the game to be played in rainy and possibly even snowy conditions.

1. It’s a long ride home for the Falcons on their Play 60 school bus after their loss. But the catchy tune keeps their spirits high nonetheless.

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