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Giants fan gets a ring

Pictured: George and Joan Schumacher on their wedding

Pictured: George and Joan Schumacher on their wedding day in July, 1961.

The Giants got their rings in the spring. One Giants fan got hers today.

From the team’s notes:

Punter Steve Weatherford was drafted into an unusual post-practice role: matchmaker. After the workout, he walked over to a corner of the field and said he had a special delivery and handed a football to a fan named Bryan Wheeler – who then passed it on to Jacklene Murt. On the football was written, “Jacklene, will you marry me? Love, Bryan.”

With Jacklene holding the football, Wheeler then got down on his knee and made a more formal proposal.

Thankfully, she said yes as Zak DeOssie, Lawrence Tynes and Weatherford clapped and cheered.

And no, Andre Brown was not there to sing his "I Got a Ring!" song for her. Maybe he's saving that for the wedding.

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