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Giants fined for retaliation to what they called the Bucs' dirty play

Eli Manning is knocked down as he took

Eli Manning is knocked down as he took a knee with 5 seconds left in the game at home against Tampa Bay. (Sept. 16, 2012) Credit: David Pokress

The league said it saw nothing wrong with the way the Bucs played the final snap of their game against the Giants. They did, however, see a few things they didn’t like about the way the Giants reacted to it.

David Baas was fined $7,875 for unnecessary roughness and striking an opposing player in the head area. Kevin Boothe was fined an equal amount for unnecessary roughness and striking an opposing player in the neck area.

Greg Schiano made headlines for having his players crash low into the offensive line while Eli Manning was taking a knee in the final seconds of the Giants’ win last Sunday. The move created some strong remarks from the Giants and others around the league. It also sparked a brief melee on the field, during which Boothe and Baas got their licks back in.

Not fined was Chris Snee, who said a few days later that he would put his “knee into the back of (the) head)” of someone who dove at his knees on a kneel-down play.

“That’s what happened in the game,” Snee said, “and that’s what will happen going forward.”

Also fined from the game were Kenny Phillips, who was hit with a $30,000 pricetag for his blast on Vincent Jackson late in the third quarter. Phillips said he was expecting a fine, but he insisted that he did not hit Jackson in the head. The league kinda agreed, fining him for striking “a defenseless player in the head and neck area.”

Andre Brown was also fined $15,750 for a horse collar tackle on Brandon McDonald after one of the Bucs’ interceptions.

And lest you think the league is picking on the Giants, Bucs linebacker Mason Foster was fined $21,000 for his hit on Domenik Hixon that gave the receiver a concussion.

As for any fines in the Steve Smith-Corey Webster fight or other plays from last night, well, we’ll have to wait until next week for the league to announce those.

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