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Giants get $11 million boost toward 2016 NFL salary cap

Giants GM Jerry Reese speaks during a news

Giants GM Jerry Reese speaks during a news conference on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

INDIANAPOLIS — The Giants’ free-agency bankroll got a bit bigger on Thursday when the NFL Players Association announced that the team will carry over more than $11 million from 2015 to count toward the 2016 salary cap.

While the exact 2016 cap number has not yet been announced, the Giants should have close to $60 million of space to improve their roster. That number could go up even higher if the salary cap goes above the projected $154 million, which many believe it will.

Under the Collective Bargaining Agreement, each NFL club has the option to carry over unused cap space from the prior league year. Only the Browns, Titans, Jaguars, Raiders and 49ers get more of a windfall toward 2016 than the Giants. The Jaguars had the most carryover with $32,774,928.

Every team in the NFL carried over some money. The Seahawks came closest to using all of their 2015 cap space, leaving just an additional $11,587. The NFLPA said the Broncos, Rams and Saints elected to not carry over all of their space. The Jets will carry over $2,484,216.

The biggest reason for the Giants’ 2015 surplus was Jason Pierre-Paul never signing his franchise tag after his fireworks accident in July. Instead, he signed an adjusted contract at midseason worth $7 million, about half the $14.8 million the team budgeted for under the tag.

While the additional funds for the Giants were officially announced on Thursday, they were expected.

To put the $11,193,231 of extra salary-cap space into perspective, it is less than half the $24 million salary-cap number for Eli Manning but higher than the cap number for any other player currently on the Giants’ roster.

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