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Giants glide into preseason opener with second walk-through in two days

Here’s what you need to know about today’s “practice”:

At one point injured WR Steve Smith was dropping back into coverage as a nickelback covering the slot. The receiver he was marking? Offensive lineman Herb Taylor.

Yes, today was supposed to be a practice but last night Tom Coughlin decided that he could not risk losing any more players to injuries with the preseason opener just a few days away. So he turned it into a walk-through. I don’t know how many of the 4,480 fans who were here to watch the team practice understood what they were watching (or were not watching), but I know I would have been disappointed had I come up for a Saturday afternoon to see my team and had to sit through something like that.

It was the second walk-through in two days for the Giants, who had one on Friday morning. That one was publicized as a walk-through. They'll have another tomorrow. That'll make three of their last four on-field sessions before the opener non-contact, non-running events.

Maybe it’s better in the long run, though. Deon Grant talked about this being one of the least physical training camps he’s ever been in. It’s certainly the least physical training camp in the Upstate New York area.

“We hit and that brings a lot of injuries,” Grant said. “Lately, I think (not hitting) is working because guys feel good. I talk to a lot of guys, some of my homeboys who play for the Jets and other teams, and they feel worn down right now. We’re not worn down.”

After today’s walk-through, they should feel absolutely refreshed.

I should note that Matt Dodge had his best day punting, and not all of it was aided by the wind. He did launch an 85-yarder (yup) with the wind at his back. But he took 16 total punts and averaged 52.3 yards with a hangtime of 3.99 seconds. With the wind he was 60.3 yards and 3.97 seconds. Into the wind (and kicking towards a shorter field from the 50) he was 42.0 and 4.02 seconds.

As for Monday, Coughlin gave a list of players who will not play: Steve Smith, Kevin Boss, Chris Snee, Kenny Phillips, Keith Bulluck, Tim Brown and Michael Johnson. He said Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster will be re-evaluated closer to gametime. We didn’t ask about Rich Seubert or Sinorice Moss, but I would be stunned if they played on Monday.

Tomorrow the Giants have another walk-through in the morning. Don’t worry about being disappointed by that one. It’s closed to the public.

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