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Giants have Dallas on their side as they face the Cowboys

El quarterback de los Cowboys, Tony Romo, izquierda,

El quarterback de los Cowboys, Tony Romo, izquierda, festeja con su entrenador Jason Garrett tras un touchdown el domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013, en Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Tim Sharp) Credit: AP

Everybody in the Giants locker room is focused on beating Dallas. They hate Dallas. They want to crush Dallas.

What does Dallas think about that?

“I haven’t really heard anything,” he said.

That would be Dallas Reynolds, the Giants’ backup offensive lineman who was picked up earlier this season when the team was seemingly shuffling its roster a few times each week to keep up with injuries and needs.

Not that Dallas isn’t used to hearing about his teammates’ dislike for Dallas. He played a few seasons on the practice squad in Philadelphia and last year he started 14 games for the Eagles. Even there, though, Dallas said he didn’t get many jokes from his teammates about being named after an arch rival.

“When I first got in the league,” he said of some people noting it, “but I haven’t heard anything up here.”

In other words, the Giants players aren’t even noticing Dallas. They’re taking Dallas lightly. To be honest, no one really expects Dallas to even play on Sunday.

I can go on all day.

Anyway, Dallas Reynolds said there is “no real interesting, funny story” behind his name, no parents who were die-hard Cowboys fans (or Mavericks, I suppose). In fact, his parents are from Utah. They thought they were going to have twins, it turns out, and wanted to name their children after two cities. Two Texas cities, in fact.

“The twins didn’t work out so they named me Dallas,” he said. “They thought Dallas and Houston would be cool twin names. And then I didn’t turn out to be twins.”

It's not that odd of a name. Dallas Clark has been in the league for years. But during Cowboys Week, it's interesting to note that the Giants have Dallas on their side.

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