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Giants’ Janoris Jenkins among A.J. Green’s top five NFL cornerbacks

Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins looks on during training

Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins looks on during training camp in East Rutherford, N.J., on Aug. 8, 2017. Credit: Brad Penner

When someone talks about a Giant as being “one of the most dynamic players in the game right now,” it’s usually in reference to Odell Beckham Jr.

For Bengals WR A.J. Green, though, that description applies to Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Green listed the top five NFL cornerbacks he’s faced in an article for The Players’ Tribune on Thursday, and Jenkins was among them.

“Now I give you,” Green wrote, “The Jackrabbit.”

Green broke him down.

“Janoris isn’t going to jam you, he’s going to sit back and read you until you make a mistake,” Green wrote. “What makes him so dangerous is that he doesn’t care if he gets beat. In his mind, you might get behind him two or three times in a game, but he knows he’s usually got help over the top. As a receiver, you don’t have help. If he jumps your route once, he’s going for six the other way.

The others on Green’s list were Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman, Joe Haden and Chris Harris Jr.

“Janoris has a technique that’s completely different from Pat and Joe, because he uses a soft backpedal off the line,” Green wrote. “Pat and Joe want to dictate your route. Janoris is the opposite. He lets you do your thing and then he reads your hips and the quarterback’s eyes to decide when to jump on the route. His instincts are the best in the NFL, and he’s extremely quick. Extremely quick.

“At the snap, he’s not looking at you, he’s looking right at your quarterback, trying to read him.”

Jenkins will open the 2017 season facing Dez Bryant, and Green had some notes from their matchup last year, too, which resulted in Bryant having just two catches for 18 yards in two games.

“Everybody remembers the Giants holding Dez to one catch (in the second game) last season, but this one play really sticks out to me,” he wrote. “Janoris was lined up against Dez, and Dez faked like he was going up the sideline, but when he broke down to cut back inside for the slant, Janoris read him so well that he had already turned back to the ball to grab the pick.

“Dez loses his feet, but if you watch the play a few times, you’ll see just how quick Janoris gets his hips and his head turned toward the ball.”

Green won’t face the Giants and Jenkins this season. But he still seems to be concerned about any future meetings with Jenkins.

“Playing him is especially tough for me, because I’m a go-go-go kind of guy,” Green wrote. “That’s just my nature. But you need to be very patient against Janoris and set him up with a lot of double moves and different releases.”

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