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Giants-Jets: The Bottom Five

REGIS PHILBIN He went gently, and without tears,


He went gently, and without tears, into that good night -- even though he insists this exit was not retirement, so, technically, not a good night. But still, a memorable, funny, warm departure.

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It’s the Apoco-Rex. ArmaJetdon. Soylent Green is people!!!

Yes, after months of hype, the Giants-Jets game is finally here. And of course there are dozens of things to think about when breaking this one down, from the rivalry to the playoff possibilities, from the quarterbacks to the receiver-secondary matchups. Brick vs. JPP? Namath vs. Rex? The teams’ dry cleaner vs. Eli Manning’s potentially bloody scalp?

Yes, plenty to assess. Of course, there are plenty of TV shows, papers and websites that will give you the most important of those elements. The top of the list. But here, we go deeper each week, all the way to the bottom of the list.

The Giants have a bottom five defense and a bottom five running game, so why not just give the fans a Bottom Five Things to Look For?

5. Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz have been studying the wrong tape all week. They thought they were going to go up against Regis, not Revis. It explains their lack of Hosannas for the Jets’ cornerback.

4. Antrel Rolle and Bart Scott, normally the two most voracious trash-talkers on either team, admit that they have eliminated their rhetoric this week after listening to “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron” together and realizing we should all learn to love each other a little more. Especially at Christmas.

3. The Giants have a surprising name as their leading tackler on defense when a jacked-up Steve Weatherford decides to take matters into his own hands against his former team. He also rushes for 77 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries.

2. The Yankees will sign a middle reliever on Saturday afternoon and blow the game off every backpage in New York anyway.

1. Game postponed until Monday due to Hurricane Irene.

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