Perhaps the Giants' best opportunity to stop the Eagles' offensive avalanche Sunday came after Brent Celek's 65-yard TD reception when, with the score 31-17, Andy Reid called for an onside kick. The Giants looked woefully unprepared, and Monday, we heard some reasons why.

Special-teams captain Chase Blackburn said the Eagles pulled one of their players off the field just before the kick, leaving them only 10.

"Everyone was kind of recounting," Blackburn said, "and we were all looking at the sidelines and you just forget about the [onside kick] alert."

As for not having his "hands" unit on the field, Tom Coughlin again said he was not willing to give up field position. "We decided not to put the hands team out there, but rather to make our people aware of it," Coughlin said. "We were aware of it; we didn't react very well."

Instead of holding their positions until the ball was kicked, the players on the front line - Gerris Wilkinson and Duke Calhoun in the direction where the ball was kicked - tried to get a head start backing up toward their blocking assignments.

"There are plenty of sins to be distributed," Coughlin said. "The sin that I'm going to throw in is that it's my decision whether or not we put the hands team out there."

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Tollefson: MCL sprain

DE Dave Tollefson suffered a sprained MCL. It's unclear if the Giants will put him on injured reserve or wait for him to recover from the knee injury. Either way, his regular season appears to be over.