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Giants looking for revenge too

Giants safety Deon Grant participated in his first

Giants safety Deon Grant participated in his first day of training camp at the Timex Performance Center. (Aug. 16, 2011) Credit: Joe Epstein

Revenge is a two-way street for Deon Grant.

The Patriots may be trying to make up for their loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, but he’s actually playing to make amends for losing to the Patriots when he was a member of the Panthers in Super Bowl XXXVIII a few years before that.

“I don’t care about their revenge, I’m trying to win a Super Bowl,” Grant said. “It’s like when I’m getting in a fight with somebody. I’m not looking at why he’s going to be coming in and swinging really hard because of what’s in his mind. I’m trying to knock him out before he knocks me out. I could care less what’s in his mind.”

Grant is one of four Giants who have played in but lost a Super Bowl along with Tony Ugoh with the Colts, Antrel Rolle with the Cardinals and Rocky Bernard with the Seahawks.

“We’ve got guys in this locker room that have played in the Super Bowl that haven’t won,” Grant said. “So the whole talk is about Brady and history and all that. Our revenge is definitely in this locker room.”

Bernard said he remembers the feelings of being on the losing team in a Super Bowl. He recalled sitting on the bench after the game with the confetti coming down and officials trying to get him and teammates to hurry up and get off the field.

“It’s not a pretty sight when you lose a Super Bowl,” Bernard said. “You work so hard during the week, during the year, and you end up short. It’s a tough loss.”

“I definitely don’t want to be on that end again by any means,” Rolle said. “If I have to get carried off the field, so be it. Whatever it takes at this point.”

The Giants made the Patriots feel the sting of losing a Super Bowl And even though Grant wasn’t a Giant in Super Bowl XLII, he still thinks that the Patriots believe it was a fluke outcome.

“They feel like the first Super Bowl we beat them in was a lucky one, that’s the talk,” Grant said. “They’re still not giving the Giants their credit. We feel like we have something to go out there and prove.”

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