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Giants looking to turn things on

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There’s a switch in every football locker room. It’s usually near the pages that the players try to be on with each other, far away from the panic button. True, none of those things actually exist. But on Saturday, the Giants’ metaphorical switch was off. They’re trying to flick it on this week.

How’s that going?

“Our tempo was better, we created better tempo,” Tom Coughlin said after practice. “We were on the clock the whole day. With the exception of starting the series, I think we stuck with it. Even on the carded stuff for the defense, we were still under 35 seconds. That’s going to help us.”

After a lackluster preseason so far, there was very little in the way of concern among the Giants. Eli Manning noted that “We’re where we need to be.” And Antrel Rolle pooh-poohed the idea of judging a team based on exhibition games.

“Preseason is still preseason,” Rolle said. “A lot of teams are going to turn the switch on once the regular season comes and we are going to be one of those teams. As far as panicking (about) where we need to be, I think we’re OK.”

“It’s still preseason, it’s still early," Keith Bulluck said, agreeing with Rolle. "It’s still August and in August you don't really get too concerned about things."

But Bulluck did caution about waiting until the opener on Sept. 12 for the team to find it’s groove.

“This game, you just can't turn it on,” he said. “If guys are holding back, it’s going to make for a tough start of the season for them and possibly for our team.”


Coughlin spoke on Sunday about needing players to step forward and take ownership of the team.

“The attempt to move more responsibility to the players, they want more and they’re going to get more,” he said. “OK, well then let’s make sure that we do it right and take responsibility for it. I think the guys want that and I think we’ll get better as we continue that.”

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