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Giants' misery has company in up-for-grabs NFC East

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants throws a pass in the first half against the Atlanta Falcons during an NFL game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015. Credit: Jim McIsaac

And you think the Giants have problems?

Well, they do. But at least they're not alone. The entire NFC East is in such disarray after two weeks of games that even the team that is 2-0 with two victories in the division and standing atop the standings -- the Cowboys -- is facing major issues.

That's why the Giants with their two losses are still very much contenders.

"It's a division where anybody can win it and we can compete with all the teams and that's what we want to do," linebacker Devon Kennard said. "Seeing what everybody else is doing, we definitely have all the opportunity in the world."

That Washington may have the most stability in the NFC East shows you exactly how tumultuous the situation is. They're 1-1 and seem to be settling in to life in a post-RG3 world.

Dallas? They have the wins, but their immediate future is bleak. They'll be missing two of their best players -- two of the best players in the NFL -- for at least two months as Dez Bryant (foot) and Tony Romo (collarbone) recover from injuries.

The Eagles, meanwhile, can't seem to function as an offense and are winless along with the Giants. There are already calls for Chip Kelly's job in Philadelphia, weeks after his genius was being proclaimed, and the possibility of the team turning to Mark Sanchez at quarterback.

"The situation in our division is very obvious to all of you," Tom Coughlin said on his conference call Monday before pointing out the uncertainty to his team. "Opportunity. It's just a way to try to again get over the disappointment of yesterday as fast as we can. We realize how important it is going forward."

The Giants face Washington on Thursday night. A win there would put them right back in the thick of the standings. While it may not come in time for this game, the Giants are also expecting Jon Beason and Victor Cruz to return within the next handful of games. That should make them a stronger team.

It could be argued -- but won't be here -- that the Giants are actually in a better position now than any of the other teams in the division. A healthy debate could be had over whether it's better to be 0-2 and getting key players back soon or 2-0 and moving forward without your starting quarterback and top receiver.

It's similar to 2013 when the Giants opened their season with six straight losses and yet no one in the NFC East was able to pull away from them until the final month. These Giants would prefer the losing not get that far along, but they are clinging to the same optimism.

"A lot can happen in these next 14 games, and there's a lot of football to be played," Eli Manning said. "We just understand we've got to win some games. We've got to start finding ways to win. Everybody's play has got to improve a little bit. I've got to do that also."

The Giants may be bloodied, but the fight is not over yet. And as those who are pounded on often say in jest: You should see the other guy.

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