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Giants must play for the win in overtime today

Head coach Tom Coughlin of the New York

Head coach Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants congratulates Hakeem Nicks (88) after Kevin Boss scored a touchdown against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field. Credit: Getty

Now it’s literally a must-win.

Until the Bucs beat the Saints, there was a chance for the Giants to get into the playoffs with a tie against the Redskins and a Packers loss to the Bears. Now, though, that slim backdoor oddity has vanished. The only way in for them to win today and have the Bears beat the Packers.

So if the game goes into overtime, the Giants have to play for the win. Good thing Donovan McNabb is on the other team.

The Giants do, however, know who they’ll be playing next year … assuming there is a next year. If the NFL plays a regular 16-game schedule and does not adjust the way they determine scheduling, the Giants will play their three NFC East rivals in home-and-away games, host the Rams, Seahawks, Bills, Dolphins and Packers, and visit the Cardinals, 49ers, Patriots, Jets and Saints.

Eight road games, seven road trips. After this last month of travel, that’s the least the league can do for the Giants.

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