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Giants' new system allows Eli Manning to readily adjust play calls

Giants QB Eli Manning takes some reps during

Giants QB Eli Manning takes some reps during practice at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, N.J. on July 23, 2014. Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams, Jr.

Tom Coughlin said it felt as though the Giants called a lot more passing plays than were actually executed, particularly with the starters, in Saturday night's 20-16 win over the Steelers at MetLife Stadium. He probably was right.

Running back Rashad Jennings said Eli Manning changed from pass to run several times based on the Steelers' defensive look. He also said that will continue.

"The capability that the system allows is unique because the quarterback can adjust and put us in the best play," Jennings said. "You'll see a lot of that through the duration of the season. Certain calls will be called in and the quarterback has the discernment to change it if needed. That's a big part of our offense. That's what's going to put us in position to win."

Jennings said that on his 73-yard touchdown run, Manning thought about changing the play but ultimately decided to stick with the original call.

"He kept the play on," Jennings said. "He got to put us in the best situation."

Of course, there were times when the Giants did call a run. Such as the third-and-15 and the third-and-18. In those cases, Coughlin said, the Giants were backed up deep in their own territory, so it wasn't time for risk-taking. Not even in the preseason. But he also wanted to see how the offensive line and running backs handled those downs and distances.

"Call the runs," Coughlin said. "Let's see what the runs look like."

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