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Giants not concerned about wildcat

The dog days of training camp have given way to the cat days. Seems all anyone can talk about lately is the wildcat offense, how it might be used, when it might be used, who might be using it, etc.

No one knows for sure if the Giants will see the wildcat from the Jets on Saturday. My guess is they will not. Why would the Jets want to tip their hands in a preseason game. But the team is still preparing for it. In fact, in the last two days, the Giants offense has run several plays where a receiver or running back takes a handoff and launches a pass down the field. They’ve also run a few two running back sets with quick option and shovel passes. It’s hard to imagine those plays will be in the Giants’ repertoire this season.

“It’s different,” Tom Coughlin said of the wildcat offense. “It forces you to defend something else. It forces you to prepare for something. Perhaps they would use it or they wouldn’t use it. It’s just another tool. You have Tony Sparano there. Tony, in Miami, was very good with it. No matter if they just put in what they did in Miami, it’s very effective and there it was the runners, and here it’s expected it will be Tim Tebow. I can understand that.”

The Giants players, though, have had plenty of experience preparing for gimmicky things from athletic quarterbacks like Michael Vick, Donovan McNabb and others over the years. They’re not too worried about the Jets’ wildcat.

“We’ve had pretty much great success against teams that run the wildcat,” Justin Tuck said. “I think our coaches do a great job of devising a plan against it. Obviously that will be in effect this week also.”

“Most teams don’t present you that type of wrinkle in an offense like they’re going to,” Osi Umenyiora said. “So, it definitely gives you something to work on that you usually wouldn’t have to. Still, we definitely have to work on what we need to work on as a defense. If that’s what’s presented to us, as far as the wildcat, I’m sure we’re going to see that at some other point during this year. So, it’s good to work on it now.”

“It can be a dangerous offense,” Mathias Kiwanuka said. “It takes more preparation now because in the beginning, it was something that teams had never seen before, so it just threw everybody a curveball. Now, it’s something that if you’re gonna install in your offense, you gotta spend time preparing for it because we’ve seen it on film and we know how to adjust to it now as a defense.”

Tuck seemed the least worried about the wildcat and Tebow.

“I might not even get the opportunity to play against him,” he said. “I don’t know how they’re going to do it. But what I’m worried about is their right tackle, their right guard, their center, their left guard and their left tackle. That’s who I’m facing. The quarterback is just bonus.

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