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Logan Ryan, Giants practice safely with COVID-19 cloud hanging over them

Logan Ryan  says the Giants will have

Logan Ryan  says the Giants will have to adjust to latest curveball. Credit: Matthew Swensen/Matthew Swensen

The Giants practiced in the rain while wearing masks on Thursday.

"It was as comfortable as you would think," safety Logan Ryan said afterward. "We’re not the first team to go through this, we won’t be the last, so we just have to handle it the best we can. This is 2020, so there are a lot of things we have to adjust for and a lot of curveballs."

This latest twist came in the form of guard Will Hernandez testing positive for COVID-19, most of the offensive line being kept home while they await further testing to see if they contracted the coronavirus from him, and the extra layer of PPEs while the remaining players were on the field.

"That has not been required before now, but we’re going to make sure our players are wearing their masks during the actual activity," Joe Judge said. "That will be different for our guys right there."

Those precautions will remain in place for the near future.

"Definitely [until] this thing clears up," Judge said. "We’ll see how it works with the team, we’ll see what the league protocols mandate us to do. We just want to make sure we make the best decisions for the players at all times . . . We want to make sure we definitely get through this patch, we keep our players safe, and when we feel we are out of this patch, with the league’s guidance and our medical team’s guidance, we’ll make the best decision for the team."

The Giants also moved some of their meetings to a virtual format. Judge said he will wait to determine whether they will continue that way.

Ryan was not with the team in the spring when it employed a similar virtual setup for meetings, but he shrugged about adapting to it now.

"I am a millennial," he said. "I’ll turn it on and make sure my kids aren’t doing backflips. I’ll have to mute myself a little bit but I’ll be super-locked in. It’s important, it’s a big game, it’s Tom Brady and the crew coming to town, so I’ll definitely be in the meetings and prepared and ready to go."

As for the practice itself, quarterback Daniel Jones said it went well despite the obstacles.

"I thought guys did a good job and brought a lot of energy and I thought we were able to get a lot done," he said.

He even laughed (a little) when asked if he is nervous about the possibility of playing behind a makeshift offensive line, one that could include practice squadders and tight ends if not enough players are cleared to return for the game against the Bucs.

Said Jones: "We’ll be ready to play on Monday night."

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