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Giants-Packers: The Bottom Five

This has certainly been an action-packed week. Not only are the Giants preparing to face the Packers, but they have to cram all of that preparation into a short week after Monday night’s game in New Orleans.

It’s an important game for the psyche of this team. And there are lots of things to focus on when getting ready to watch the game. The Giants need to figure out how to stop Aaron Rodgers and his weapons, regroup on defense, get their offense going early (four straight games without a first-half touchdown) and be moving in the right direction when they face the Cowboys next week with the division title on the line.

But there are also some overlooked keys to the game, and that’s what we bring you here. Each week there are lots of websites and blogs that give you the top three or five or 10 things to look for in the upcoming game. Here we plunge deep down to the depths of the list and give you a weekly list of the Bottom Five Things to Look For. And this week is no exception.

5. The Packers’ Super Bowl hopes dwindle quickly ad Aaron Rodgers has to go on injured reserve with a sore elbow from throwing too many touchdown passes and doing too many wrestling belt celebration dances against the Giants.

4. Perry Fewell says he is “disappointed,” “disheartened,” and “p---ed” by Michael Strahan’s pep talk.

3. Rogue punter Steve Weatherford tries a fake and attempts to run for the first down on each of his six punt attempts in the game, “claiming” each time that he did not see Tyler Sash waving at him to just kick the ball.

2. Mark Bavaro is inducted into the Giants’ Ring of Honor. He runs onto the field for the ceremony dragging the other three inductees on his back, refusing to go down.

1. It’s more than just a football game that these teams are playing. Clearly, if the Packers win, then it will be settled once and for all. Green Bay will be considered a better city than New York.

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