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Giants Q&A: Boss still feeling helmet-to-helmet hit

Tight end Kevin Boss catches a pass during

Tight end Kevin Boss catches a pass during pregame warm-ups just prior to the start of a game against the Kansas City Chiefs. (Oct. 5, 2009) Photo Credit: Getty Images

How is Kevin Boss feeling today?

Sore, the tight end said after he caught a 25-yard pass late in the fourth quarter despite absorbing a helmet-to-helmet hit from Antrel Rolle. "It just feels like I got in a car wreck," he said.

It was pretty amazing that Boss was able to hang on to that pass, too. "When I laid out for it, I knew I was going to get hit," he said. "I remember thinking, 'Oh, boy, I know I'm gonna take a shot right here.' When I came to, I was pleasantly surprised that I still had the ball."

So Boss suffered a concussion?

He and the Giants say no, describing it more as neck and shoulder soreness. "My head feels fine; that's not really an issue," he said Monday. "But I definitely had the lights flash when I got hit."

Boss must be angry at Rolle, right?

Actually, he was quite understanding, saying that the defenders are just doing their job when they try to break up plays. He did say he wished there had been a flag on the helmet-to-helmet hit, but not as a punishment for Rolle. Said Boss, "We could have definitely used those extra 15 yards there."

Bill Sheridan promised blitzes and quarterback pressure. Did he deliver?

The Giants were much more aggressive, throwing linebackers and defensive backs at the offensive line. Consider that LB Danny Clark had his first sack since 2005, when he was a Raider. And they were around Kurt Warner on many of his dropbacks. But two sacks after all that pressure is too few.

What happened on Ahmad Bradshaw's fumble?

"It was just a little overexaggeration on me just trying to get an extra yard," Bradshaw said Monday, explaining that a defender had him by the right ankle before the fumble. "It was the weak ankle and I planned on going down at that time. As I was going down, he came from behind. I just have to practice keeping that second hand over the ball as I'm going down."

Has Hakeem Nicks ever caught a pass like the one he caught off a deflection Sunday night?

Believe it or not, yes. He said he did it in college, and although the details escaped him, he remembered it being very similar.

As for this one, a 62-yard touchdown off a batted pass intended for Mario Manningham, Nicks said he was just in the right place and never broke his stride. "I was going over there to get a block, just to hustle, and it happened the way it happened," he said. "That was probably as random as it gets."

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