The current Giants seem to be at a loss for what's happening. How about the former Giants?

A pair of former Giants captains expressed their opinions on Twitter while the Giants were in the midst of their 33-14 loss to the Ravens in Baltimore. "Pains me to say this, Giants don't deserve to be in Playoffs with their play today and last week," center Shaun O'Hara wrote. "They were in first place 3 weeks ago. SMH" Antonio Pierce, who called out the Giants as an ESPN analyst this week, simply wrote: "I gave my opinion on the Giants this week!! Nothing left for me to say!! -- Actions speak louder then WORDS !!"

Ahmad Bradshaw was supposed to provide some fire and intensity, right?

Theoretically. Bradshaw, playing on a sprained knee, was held to 39 yards on nine carries. "We just didn't come to play," he said. "It was a big game. This was one we needed. They wanted it more than we did."

How was Bradshaw able to play with the knee?

"It took a lot," he said. "I can deal with pain, and I seemed to deal with it OK today. Like I said, I'll do anything to help my brothers."

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Did Justin Tuck play?

No. Although he made the trip, he was sidelined by a shoulder injury that kept him from practicing during the week. Also sidelined was safety Kenny Phillips, who did practice. It was the ninth game Phillips has missed because of a knee injury this season.

Why couldn't the Giants challenge the ruling of an incomplete pass by Eli Manning that looked like a fumble? And why would they have wanted to?

Coach Tom Coughlin threw the red flag because he thought the Ravens recovered the fumble after Manning was hit but before Baltimore's Courtney Upshaw fumbled it back to the Giants, which would have given them a fresh set of downs because of the possession change. But because the ruling on the field was an incomplete pass, a reversal of that call to a fumble would have killed the play where the Ravens recovered. So even if Coughlin had won the challenge, the Giants would have given the ball to the Ravens deep in their own territory.

David Wilson is back to doing backflips?

Apparently. After being warned about the possibility of injuring himself and swearing them off, Wilson hinted this past week that he was changing his mind. After his 14-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, he sprung a backflip and stuck the landing.

Was that the best touchdown celebration of the game?

Nope. That was Torrey Smith's two-handed dunk over the crossbar in the first quarter in which he hung from the goal post. If this had been basketball, he would have been given a technical foul for hanging on the rim.

One game to play. Are the Giants "all in"?

No. Even though the Giants still have a chance to get into the playoffs and even though they want to win the last game to have a winning season, Coughlin said some players who have been playing through injuries might be given a Week 17 reprieve. Said Coughlin, "We'll certainly have some guys nicked up that maybe the decision will be made that they wouldn't be able to go."