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Giants Q&A: Giants have put themselves in a deep hole

Giants quarterback Eli Manning (no. 10) looks out

Giants quarterback Eli Manning (no. 10) looks out onto the field prior to playing the Carolina Panthers. (Sept. 22, 2013) Photo Credit: MCT David T. Foster III

So, season's over?

Pretty much . . . at least according to history. Between 1990 and 2012, there were 115 teams that started a season with three straight losses. Only three of them advanced to the playoffs, and none since the 1998 Bills. The Giantshave managed to overcome an 0-3 start or worse and post a winning record only twice: 1925 and 1970.


Can the Giants buck those trends?

Asked if the season is still salvageable, Justin Tuck shrugged. "Sure it is," he said. "Why wouldn't it be?" Still, Tuck admitted that the Giants are in "a huge hole" and used the word "desperate" to describe the team. "If it isn't ugly now, it can definitely get uglier," he said. "And none of us wants that."


What personnel changes can be made to the struggling offensive line?

Not many. "We are what we are," Tom Coughlin said. And with less than a half-million dollars of salary-cap space, they'll likely stay who they are. "We expect more," he added.


How about the coaching staff? Any changes there?

Not immediately, but the phrase "something has to change" was mentioned over and over in several corners of the locker room. With the defense allowing 38.1 points per game and the offense now with 13 turnovers through three games (and only six points off four take-aways), it's clear that they cannot go through the season doing what they've been doing. "Obviously, what we're doing hasn't been producing for us," Spencer Paysinger said. "We have to go back to the drawing board and get to the point where we can start putting points on the board, start making defensive stops."


How did Giants alumni in the media respond to the loss?

With daggers. On the Fox halftime show, Michael Strahan said: "Right now they look like a high school team trying to play in the NFL." On the team's radio broadcast, Carl Banks said the Giants' offensive line "couldn't block a baby." And Shaun O'Hara of the NFL Network tweeted that the Giants' flight home to New Jersey was delayed because "apparently Eli was sacked again while waiting to board!" Ouch.


This is new territory for the Giants. How will they react?

Coughlin is as curious as anyone. "I expect everyone in that room to fight with the same passion that I have," he said, "and I'll be looking hard for those who are not."

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