Is this Tom Coughlin's fault?

The Giants' coach always says he takes responsibility for losses, and in Sunday's postgame locker room, his stance was no different. This time, though, Antrel Rolle and other players interrupted him and shifted the blame to themselves.

"Coach Coughlin can't take any of this game,'' Rolle said. "Personally, I won't allow that. Coaches coach, and they did a phenomenal job getting us prepared for them . . . Coach Coughlin, he can't coach heart, he can't make a player have passion about this game, and that's what we were lacking out there.''

Did everyone agree?

Mostly. "At some point, you have to be a man and say I didn't do my job, I didn't execute, I didn't make the play,'' Terrell Thomas said. Added Spencer Paysinger: "He tries to take the blame too much, we feel . . . There's no way he can take this, there's no way he can put that on his shoulders.''

So was that the most emotionally charged postgame locker room this season?

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"Yeah,'' Paysinger said. "Yeah. All I can say is yeah.''

Since when is Eli Manning a trash-talker?

When the Seahawks want him to be. Cornerback Richard Sherman said he and other defensive backs were insulted by a seemingly innocuous remark that Manning made during the week about their style of play. "Eli said we're over-aggressive and that they were going to take advantage of that,'' said Sherman, who had two of the Seahawks' five interceptions. "I think that we showed them we are over-aggressive but it's hard to take advantage of it. It's easier said than done. We don't like people coming at us in the media and saying negative things about us. We wanted to put that on tape and we're happy that we did so.''

When was the last time the Giants were shut out at home?

They were blanked by the Panthers in a 2005 NFC wild-card game, 23-0, but if you are asking about the regular season, you have to go all the way back to Sept. 4, 1995, when they lost to the Cowboys, 35-0.

When was the last time they were shut out anywhere?

How quickly you forget! It was in Week 3 this season when they lost to the Panthers, 38-0. In fact, this is the first time they've been blanked twice in the same season since 1996, when they lost, 27-0, to the Cowboys and 24-0 to the Eagles, both on the road.

Who was the first Giants quarterback to throw five interceptions in a game?

Harry Newman had the record-setting day on Sept. 24, 1933, against the Portsmouth Spartans. He was followed by Frank Filchock at Washington on Oct. 13, 1946, Charlie Conerly vs. the Chicago Cardinals on Oct. 14, 1951, and again vs. Detroit on Dec., 13, 1953, and Jeff Rutledge at New Orleans on Nov. 22, 1987. Manning joined them Sunday.