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Giants Q & A: Steve Weatherford's line-drive punt low blow for Giants

Denver Broncos wide receiver Trindon Holliday runs away

Denver Broncos wide receiver Trindon Holliday runs away from Giants' Zak DeOssie as he returns a punt for a touchdown during the second half on Sept. 15, 2013. Credit: AP

What happened on Trindon Holliday's punt return for a touchdown?

The Giants were playing with fire the entire game as Steve Weatherford had one of his worst performances since joining the team. On the scoring play, he kicked a line drive that Holliday came up to field on the bounce while Trumaine McBride was being pushed past him on contain. "It was a poor punt,'' Weatherford said. "I've got to give my coverage guys a better punt to cover.''

Long-snapper Zak DeOssie had the last chance to stop Holliday and dived at his feet. "I didn't get him,'' DeOssie said. "He made some nice cuts, and so it goes, unfortunately.''

When was the last time a punt was returned for a touchdown against the Giants?

That would be the Eagles game in 2010, the one that also began with the ball on the turf after an ill-advised punt down the middle of the field to a speedy returner. Back then it was DeSean Jackson taking advantage of Matt Dodge's mistake.

Is Hakeem Nicks OK?

He dislocated the middle finger of his left hand when he dropped a third-down pass from Eli Manning in the second quarter. "It was bent the opposite way and this knuckle [the middle one] was facing down,'' Nicks said of the injury, which forced him to the sideline in obvious pain.

Nicks returned with his hand taped and the joint straightened out and said it was not a factor the rest of the game.

How did the Giants handle the Broncos' fast-paced tempo?

Peyton Manning was in no-huddle mode for most of the game, not allowing many substitutions by a Giants defense that typically rotates players regularly. They ran 72 plays because of the frenetic pace, but Antrel Rolle said it was not as fast as the Giants thought it would be. "The pace wasn't much at all,'' he said. "I think we anticipated a whole lot more.''

Who tackled Brandon Myers on his 27-yard reception?

No one, really, although Duke Ihenacho got credit for the tackle. In reality, Myers simply fell down at the Broncos' 18 with no one between him and the end zone. "That's inexcusable,'' he said. "You'd like to have that back, but you can't . . . That's the last thing I wanted to happen, obviously, but it happened.''

Was Myers hurt later in the game?

He was upended on a reception in the fourth quarter, hit the turf hard and had to be attended to. "I just got banged on my leg,'' he said. "I think it scared me more than anything.''

Myers was hit hard several times in the game but said he is fine. "Just some bumps and bruises,'' he said.

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