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Giants ready for King Kong Suh

Ndamukong Suh is coming! The Giants’ offensive line is not impressed.

“He’s a great player and I’m really excited to play against him,” said guard Chris Snee in a monotone, clearly-bored voice (although he was probably more disgusted by the questions than the opponent). And Snee didn’t take kindly to any implication that he would have to raise the level of his own game to face Suh.

“I’m not inspired by the privilege (with air quotes around privilege) to play against the number two overall pick,” Snee said. “I’m a competitor and I want to go against the best guys every week and I have yet to go against Suh so I’m excited for the opportunity.”

Snee did say that he would do more studying and more prep work on Suh than anyone Suh has faced in his brief NFL career. “I’ll know every snap he’s taken,” Snee said. That means going back to the preseason even. But he won’t study the college film.

“I saw all of his highlights,” Snee said. “I saw the Texas game.”

Snee did say that he thinks Suh does not play “like most rookies do.” He was asked to elaborate.

“He’s going every play,” Snee said. “Pursuit. And he never takes a play off.”

Still, he is a rookie and the offensive line he’ll be facing in Snee, Rich Seubert and (assuming he plays) Shaun O’Hara has a combined NFL experience of 28 years. How can they use that experience to take advantage of him?

“I’m sure Richie will find something to say to him to get him out of his frame of mind,” O’Hara said.


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