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Giants Red Zone

Good thing his phone was on

Dominic Randolph had his bags packed and was in transit when the Giants called him to training camp Wednesday. Was he expecting that call? Nope. Turns out he was going on vacation.

Randolph was in Richmond when he heard the news. He'd started his day at home in Cincinnati at about 6 a.m. and was in Virginia at about 10 - waiting for a connecting flight to Newark and then on to Nantucket - when the call came from his agent.

So he kept the flight to Newark and picked up a ride to Albany from there. By about 3 o'clock he was on campus, standing by and watching the team practice.

Thursday, a day he expected to be wearing a bathing suit on Cape Cod, he was wearing a No. 8 jersey and throwing passes in an NFL training camp.

"I've been told that they could be calling you whenever," Randolph said, "and they proved it right."

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