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Giants-Redskins: The Bottom Five

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants

Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants runs off the field after beating Dallas Cowboys. (Getty) Credit: Eli Manning #10 of the New York Giants runs off the field after beating Dallas Cowboys. (Getty)

There are a few “kinda, sortas” as the Giants head into the final three games.

They play all three at home … kinda, sorta. One of them, the Jets game, they will actually be the visiting team in their own stadium.

They are in first place … kinda, sorta. Really they are tied with the same record as the Cowboys and have a slight statistical advantage with one head-to-head victory that may not mean squat come Jan. 1.

Eli Manning could break the NFL’s single-season passing record … kinda, sorta. He could eclipse the mark that has been standing since 1984 when it was set by Dan Marino, but he’s still trailing three other quarterbacks who are also all on pace to shatter the mark.

Clearly, nothing is very clear right now. Which is probably a perfect time to talk about this week’s Bottom Five. Yes, each week we look all the way to the depths of the list of issues and keys to the upcoming game. Some websites and blogs give you the top 3 or 5 things to look for, but here we are so unyieldingly thorough that we go all the way to the end of the list. So here is this week’s Bottom Five Things To Look For … kinda, sorta:

5. New game: Each time Antrel Rolle gets beaten on a play, Cris Collinsworth has to do a shot of barbecue sauce.

4. Eli Manning is hit in the head by a wayward Kevin (Chuck Knoblauch) Boothe snap and comes down with a case of amnesia. He forgets all of the audible calls for the offense. Luckily, Barry Cofield is there to remind him of them and the offense continues to function.

3. Perry Fewell concocts another “special look” for the Redskins. Corey Webster stands in the parking lot and insists he’s in the right spot.

2. A moment of silence is observed prior to the game to remember the one-year anniversary of the collapse against the Eagles.

1. Grossman is just the practice Rex. The real Rex comes next Saturday!

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