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Giants remain undefeated between Monday and Saturday

East Rutherford - May 30, 2012: Giants QB,

East Rutherford - May 30, 2012: Giants QB, Eli Manning fires at receivers at the Giants OTA Practice. (Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy) Credit: Photo by Patrick E. McCarthy

The Giants had a good practice today.

Big deal. Congratulations. The Giants are still undefeated from Monday through Saturday.

As we’ve seen in the past few weeks, their good practices aren’t translating to the games on Sunday. And no one seems to understand why.

“We’re just not getting anything done on gameday,” Prince Amukamara said. “There’s really no secret recipe. It seems like we’re doing everything right, but it’s just not showing up on the game field.”

This one was better than even the ones in recent weeks, the players said.

“It was just a different energy,” Victor Cruz said. “We’ve had good practices where guys were catching the ball, but there was a different energy today. A different mindset. You can tell guys had a different attitude and a different approach to this practice in terms of what we wanted to see on the field and I think this practice is indicative of what is going to turn over and translate on Sunday.”

Cruz said that even Easy Eli Manning whose intensity hardly ever spikes was embracing the new feeling. Although he didn’t recognize it until it was pointed out.

“Now that you mention it, he was a little bit louder, a little more assertive with the game-calling and getting us on the line,” Cruz said. “We had a couple of hurry-up situations where he was very vocal in getting us to the line and things of that nature. He did a good job of that today and we were all responding and offensively and defensively we were flying around.”

Manning said he tried to bring the urgency to the workout.

“You get guys running around, little pep talks, just a little energy in calling the plays and just overall trying to make sure I’m doing my job on things and having great energy about myself and hopefully that can be contagious,” Manning said.

Apparently there were even a few times when the intensity manifested itself in some after-the-whistle hostilities among the players.

“There were some battles out there that we did,” Jason Pierre-Paul said. “Had a couple rough times with a couple of players.”

“Increased intensity is not going to (hurt) you no matter what field you’re in,” Antrel Rolle said. “We’re football players, so increasing the intensity is only going to help us. It’s not going to deflate us under any means. We’re just looking to go out there and play better.”

Rolle also say the dustups as a positive.

“Within the battlefield you’re going to have scuffles, you’re going to have fights,” he said. “You’re going to fight one play and love each other the next player. That’s a football player. That’s what we are.”

Maybe it helped. Maybe it was an intense practice and the Giants can check it in their luggage on the flight to Kansas City. So far, they haven’t been able to bring it outside their training facility.

“I was always told don’t confuse effort with results, don’t confuse activity with productivity,” Amukamara said. “It may seem like you’re doing the right thing, but you’re not getting results. We’ll just keep working hard, keep focusing, and try to go 1-0 this week.”

On Sunday in particular.


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