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Giants' special teams coordinator regrets run-in with punter Steve Weatherford

Giants special teams Coordinator Tom Quinn speaks to

Giants special teams Coordinator Tom Quinn speaks to the media. (June 13, 2013) Credit: Mike Stobe

Tom Quinn addressed the media on Thursday, speaking for the first time since cameras caught an altercation between him and punter Steve Weatherford on the sideline of Sunday's game against the Titans.

"It was an unfortunate incident that transpired obviously, that we both wish we could have back," said Quinn, the Giants' special teams coordinator. "We are fiery, we're competitive, and it escalated way too far. I've got too much respect for the game and this organization and our head coach to have something like that put out there. We apologized, we were good the next punt. Just trying to communicate with him. He was frustrated with how he punted it, so that was it, just a miscommunication right there."

The argument came after Weatherford boomed a long punt down the middle of the field that resulted in a touchback. As he came off the field, Quinn indicated he wanted the punt to go out of bounds. Then he tried to grab Weatherford to make his point and Weatherford quickly brushed his hands away.

Quinn said that last part was what he regretted the most.

"The fact that I put my hands on him," he said. "I let it get that way. When you coach special teams, your eyes are always on the field. So once he goes, he may not punt again for another 10, 15 minutes. But I'm going to have punt return, I could have field goal block, I could have kickoff return, so I was trying to get a point to him. It's happened before, it happened in the Super Bowl. He came off and he hit a punt and I got a correction to him."

That Super Bowl incident was purely verbal, though, Quinn said.

After the game, Weatherford chalked this run-in to a "heat of the moment" situation and said he apologized to Quinn before his next punt.

"You try to catch him and get it done," Quinn said of coaching as players come to the sideline. "It's unfortunate, but we're good. We communicate well with each other."

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