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Giants stay in shape

Giants linebacker Michael Boley, left, is one of

Giants linebacker Michael Boley, left, is one of many players learning the new system of coordinator Perry Fewell. Credit: Jon Winslow

You’ll be happy to know that none of the Giants players I saw at Justin Tuck’s RUSH for Literacy event in New York last night had ballooned up in weight, were walking with a limp, or were otherwise out of shape. Terrell Thomas had not added a lockout-induced beer gut. Michael Boley hadn’t let himself go. Heck, even Shaun O’Hara, who had just about as many surgeries this offseason as games played in 2010, was out of a walking boot and not using a cane or crutch or anything. (He joked that he burned all of that equipment in a big bonfire.)

How were they able to manage to be in shape without a team to support them?

Boley said he spoke with Jeff Feagles at Tom Coughlin’s Jay Fund golf outing last week in Florida. “Feagles said this was normal when he first came into the league,” Boley said. “They didn’t have OTAs and all of that. So he was like ‘Enjoy it.’”

The players seemed to be doing that. Boley talked about having extra time to heal his body. Tuck was excited to be spending so much time with his son and having the opportunity to visit more schools than he normally would with his RUSH for Literacy program.

Most players said they are antsy to get back and want to get a deal done soon to save the football season. But they didn’t seem to be shedding too many tears over the loss of the voluntary offseason workouts and OTAs that have turned football into an office job six months out of the year.


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