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Giants TEs tipping the scales; Beckum adds 20 lbs since surgery

New York Giants tight end Travis Beckum reacts

New York Giants tight end Travis Beckum reacts after scoring a touchdown during the first quarter. (Dec. 4, 2011) Credit: AP

The Giants tight ends are getting bigger. Sure they lost one of their players yesterday when Jake Ballard was claimed off waivers, but the ones who remain – or at least two of them – have added a combined 40 pounds or so of mass to the position.

Of course, the reaction to that news will differ. When Martellus Bennett was revealed to have weighed in at 291 pounds, about 20 more than he played at last season in Dallas, many thought he was getting fat (he insists it is muscle and said he feels stronger and healthier than ever). Today, Travis Beckum said that he, too, has added about 20 pounds since his knee surgery. That should help him when he returns because size has always been an issue for Beckum when it comes to lining up next to a tackle and blocking.

“It’s really hard for me to gain weight so I’m actually really excited about this,” Beckum said. “I’m going to take what I can get.”

Beckum said he weights about 242 now. He was 222 shortly after his ACL surgery. Last year he finished the season at 230. The key, he said, has been changing his diet from a life of double cheeseburgers and fried foods to a more healthy nutritional plan.

“I’m going to continue to eat healthy which is one thing I’ve tried to zone in on,” he said. “They say you are what you eat so I’m looking to try to stay on the healthier side. I was one of those guys that I could eat anything and never gain weight. But I’ll try to steady up my eating habits.”

He’s also apparently pretty steady on his knee. He, like Ballard, tore his ACL in the Super Bowl. Unlike Ballard, who is not expected to play in 2012, Beckum has his sights set on a return by the regular season opener.

Beckum ran for the first time post-op yesterday and said it felt “weird.”

“I did some type of jogging place today and what I felt yesterday I didn’t feel today so I guess that’s a good sign,” he said

So what did Beckum feel in his knee yesterday?

“Not necessarily discomfort, just a feeling that I hadn’t felt in a while. Kind of weird just because of the whole patella situation. I kind of felt something on my patella right where my scar was. I did it today and I didn’t feel that. So I assume it was just breaking up the scar tissue. But my knee feels great.”

As for the extra weight in the tight ends room, Beckum said that there’s a difference between 20 pounds on his frame and 20 on Bennett’s.

“He’s a big boy,” Beckum said. “Martellus has a lot more room on his body that he can play around with that weight. He’s only like 6-foot-12.”

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