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Giants to Manning: Just Drew It

One thing the Giants were happy to see more of from Eli Manning during this recently-completed minicamp was – believe it or not – interceptions.

Yes, you read that correctly. More interceptions.

Why? Because the Giants had plenty of time last January and February to watch a certain New Orleans Saints quarterback thread passes into tight areas for receivers and take what seemed to be reckless chances that turned out to pay dividends. Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was watching Drew Brees very closely and he figured that Manning probably has the same skills to get that done. All he needs is a little confidence to be a little less conservative.

“We kind of pushed him to be a little more aggressive,” Gilbride said of Manning’s minicamp goals. “Try to take some chances now, get a sense of what you feel comfortable doing. You see a guy in New Orleans where they are throwing the seam balls and you see Drew Brees throwing some throws in there. And maybe not every quarterback will even try (those) until you find out if you are comfortable doing that.”

Gilbride said the key to Manning knowing just how comfortable he is with those throws was making them during the minicamp and OTAs, and he’ll presumably continue to do so during training camp. The idea is to be just on the reckless side of comfortable in practices where interceptions don’t really matter so when the games start Manning will know where his threshold is.

“So we kind of pushed him to do some of those things,” Gilbride said. “As a result there were a few more interceptions than we would have (normally) liked. It upsets the head man, but I’m glad he was kind of pushing the envelope a little bit.”

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