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Good Afternoon

Giants will be at home watching Jets' Super Bowl run

At least that's what the folks at Sporting News think. In their 2010 Pro Football Yearbook, they predict the Jets will beat the Cowboys in Super Bowl XLV. I know, many many Giants fans just gagged at that projected matchup. And having that game played in Dallas (or Arlington as the case may be) won't make it any easier on you during the playoffs.

The prediction for the Giants by Sporting News: 9-7, no playoffs.

Here are the rest of the predictions from the issue:

AFC playoffs
Wild card: Colts over Patriots, Ravens over Titans
Divisional: Jets over Ravens, Chargers over Colts
Championship: Jets over Chargers

NFC playoffs
Wild card: Packers over Falcons, Saints over 49ers
Divisional: Cowboys over Packers, Vikings over Saints
Championship: Cowboys over Vikings

AFC division by division
East: Jets 13-3, Patriots 10-6, Dolphins 7-9, Bills 3-13
North: Ravens 11-5, Steelers 10-6, Bengals 8-8, Browns 2-14
South: Colts 12-4, Titans 11-5, Texans 7-9, Jaguars 5-11
West: Chargers 12-4, Chiefs 9-7, Raiders 5-11, Broncos 4-12

NFC division by division
East: Cowboys 12-4, Giants 9-7, Eagles 9-7, Redskins 6-10
North: Vikings 12-4, Packers 11-5, Bears 8-8, Lions 3-13
South: Falcons 12-4, Saints 10-6, Panthers 8-8, Bucs 3-13
West: 49ers 10-6, Cardinals 8-8, Rams 4-12, Seahawks 2-14

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