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Giants will try to make Jahvid second-Best

Jahvid Best

Jahvid Best Photo Credit: Gatty Images

I know at least one reader of this blog, Neil Best, has been thirsty for news on Jahvid Best, the Lions’ running back. We let Neil down yesterday when we didn’t ask any questions about Jahvid on the Jim Schwartz conference call. Tried to make up for it by talking to Justin Tuck about him today.

“He’s a small back, very quick and elusive,” Tuck said. “He reminds me of our 44 (meaning Ahmad Bradshaw). I think his lower center of gravity and just the fact that sometimes he can get behind those blockers on screens and things like that, you don’t even see him. And then his burst is probably one of the best in the league as far as going from one point to the other one. He does a great job of seeing the defense before he gets to a move.”

Tuck also noted that Best (Jahvid, not Neil) has a way of skipping out of the way of tacklers that has served him well so far in his rookie season.

“I’ve seen the little jump-hop he does,” Tuck said. “I mean, he’s made guys look bad. So the first thing we’ve got to do is just run to the football and make sure that we get more than one guy tackling him at the same time. Then if we’re there by ourselves, make sure that we break down and just (have) fundamental tackling. That’s going to be huge in this game.”


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