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Giants: Win & In

Giants coach Tom Coughlin during the 2010 season.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin during the 2010 season. (Dec. 5, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

After all that, the Giants are 60 minutes of football away from clinching a playoff spot.

Of course, they’d probably be in much better shape if it was, oh, about 53 minutes.

A day after the Meltdown at the Meadowlands, when the Giants saw a 31-10 lead evaporate in a matter of about seven minutes, the Giants were greeted by at least a little bit of good news. If the Giants win in Green Bay on Sunday, they’ll clinch at least a wild card berth.

While the No. 6 seed seems to be their fate at this point should they make it in, there are a whole host of possibilities for them. They could still win the division, of course, if they go 2-0 and the Eagles go 0-2 (they play at home against the Vikings and the Cowboys, so good luck with that). And they can still claim the coveted No. 5 seed – the one that gets to play the “winner” of the NFC West – if they go 2-0 and the Saints lose their last two games (they’re at Atlanta in a big Monday Night game next week and then finish at home against the Bucs). That might be a stronger possibility than winning the division.

The other good news is that the Giants cannot be eliminated from the playoffs with a loss to the Packers. They’ll probably have to win on Dec. 2 against the Redskins and get some help, but at the very least they will be alive in the last week of the season. That’s about all any team can ask for.

We’re still trying to secure the math, but there are some who believe that if the Bears lose tonight against the Vikings at the North Pole, the Giants will only have to win one of their last two games to get in. I haven’t confirmed that math yet, but I’m sure I’ll have an update for you throughout the day.

Still, the Giants are probably not all giggly about the road in front of them today. Kevin Boss said it would probably take a few days for the reality of what happened on Sunday against the Eagles to sink in. And yesterday Shaun O’Hara nobody wanted to think about the upcoming game yet.

“We’re going to force this pill down our throats and it will be tough to swallow,” O’Hara said.

As Mary Poppins noted, a spoonful of sugar should help that medicine go down.

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