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Giants won't SAY the linebackers in the draft were weak, but they certainly showed it

Want to know why the Giants passed on the likes of Sean Lee, Brandon Spikes and Daryl Washington? Ask the man who put the Giants’ draft board in order, director of college scouting Marc Ross. He was asked to asses this draft in terms of middle linebackers and – because he is polite – had a hard time doing it.

Was it a weak class?

“I don’t want to say that,” Ross said. “Obviously there’s McClain and there may have been a big drop off. I don’t want to say it was weak. But for us, we didn’t have a lot of guys at high value.”

And the Giants refused to reach for anyone out of desperation. Leave that for other teams, Jerry Reese said.

“I think you start to see guys pick a lot of need (in the second round),” Reese said. “Sometimes you panic a little bit about what your need is and you might reach for a guy.

“We’re looking for good players,” he added. “If we can find a good linebacker, we’ll draft him. But we feel good about the players we’ve drafted.”

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