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Giants working on fake field goals in training camp

New York Giants punter Brad Wing (9) and

New York Giants punter Brad Wing (9) and wide receiver Odell Beckham (13) greet each other during training camp at Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey on Saturday, July 30, 2016. Credit: Steven Ryan

It’s not like an offensive lineman to place blame on the quarterback. But Brad Wing is actually a punter, so that may have allowed Weston Richburg the opening he needed.

“He over-threw me,” the center said of the incompletion that came during a fake field goal attempt in Saturday’s practice. The ball went off Richburg’s fingertips in the end zone as Wing, the holder, rolled to his right.

“Hopefully we’ll have another chance to work on that one,” Richburg said. “I thought I had it. I think he over-threw me a little bit, though. I ran the route perfectly and he was definitely over-throwing it. I was moving fast.”

Even when it was pointed out how hard it is to roll right as a left-handed thrower like Wing, Richburg had little empathy for the punter/passer.

“It’s a tough catch when he throws it that badly, too,” he said. “Maybe I was running too fast and he under-estimated me.”

It was actually the second day in a row that the Giants ran the play. On Friday in a jog-through Wing completed the pass to Richburg.

“I felt good coming into today, we just didn’t capitalize on it,” Richburg said.

The Giants will likely try it again. As well they should often this preseason. With no book on Ben Mcadoo’s tendencies as a rookie head coach, he should run gadget special teams plays as often as possible up to the start of the regular season just to give opponents something to prepare for. Under Tom Coughlin the threat of a trick play like a fake punt or fake field goal was negligible to the point where it could be ignored by opposing teams.

Of course, if Wing and Richburg can’t connect, the threat could go back to negligible again.

“That was disappointing,” Richburg said. “I had a cool touchdown celebration ready.”

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