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Gilbride on Andre Brown: "It's like starting from scratch"

I posted a web story about running back Andre Brown earlier today, but I was able to follow up on it a little bit with some other voices.

For instance, offensive coordinator kevin Gilbride said he's not as concerned with Brown's physical readiness as his mental preparedness.

"More than the slowness, which certainly shows up, it’s the fact that he missed the whole thing," Gilbride said of the 2009 season. "It’s like starting from scratch. There are a few more mistakes than we could afford if we had to put him in. We couldn’t afford to put him in right now. Hopefully as the training camp goes and the preseason goes, those things will disappear."

But Gilbride agreed that Brown will have plenty of chances to show what he can do.

"He’s going to get a lot of work," he said. "It’s just capitalizing on those opportunities."

I also pulled Shaun O'Hara aside. O'Hara was one of the players Brown cited as being helpful to him during his rehab. It seemed a little odd for a 10-year veteran and Pro Bowler to extend himself in such a way to an injured rookie who has never even played in a preseason game, so I asked Shaun about why he was so available and helpful.

"It's easy with a guy like Andre because he's such a great guy," O'Hara said. "he came in from Day One and just busted his butt and worked hard. When you see a guy get hurt like that, physically, when they're young like that, they think they can come back. But it's emotionally and mentally, they feel detached from the team. You just reach out to them and you let them know 'Hey, you're going to be alright and you're still part of the team even though you're in the training room by yourself rehabbing by yourself.' It gets very lonely."

O'Hara also said that as the player rep he wanted to make sure Brown had all of his paperwork in order in regards to his injury. "Make sure he filed everything he was supposed to file," he said.

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