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Gilbride on Victor Cruz: "If it continues ... we've found somebody"

The Giants' Victor Cruz stiff-arms the Jets' Dwight

The Giants' Victor Cruz stiff-arms the Jets' Dwight Lowery. (Aug. 16, 2010) Credit: AP

We know what Tom Coughlin thinks about Victor Cruz. "Why do we need anyone else?" the coach asked last week.

And we know what Rex Ryan thinks of Victor Cruz. "I don't know who that Number 3 is, but Holy S---!" he told Coughlin on Hard Knocks.

But what does Kevin Gilbride think about his newest star receiver (who, by the way, had fans six or seven rows deep waiting for his autograph after practice on Thursday)?

"When we saw him in the spring, we said ‘Here is a guy who had pretty good quicks, and he's strong, so he can get in and out of breaks -- I think he'll be able to give us a look,'" Gilbride said. "Once camp went on, we knew we were right in that assessment. He kept running by our defensive backs, no matter who it was. We thought, was he really that fast? We’re not sure, but th ebottom line is every day he was getting by somebody. Not only has he looked like an intermediate guy, all of a sudden he looked like a guy who could do deep.

"But then you say, What will he do in the game? The guy was terrific in the game. He made some great plays, and so now you’re hoping that he continues to show what he demonstrated on Monday night, and that he cleans up some of the errors he made. Some of the reads he missed and Tom referred to some of the blocking assignments. Those are things he can clean up so he can upgrade his consistency, and continue to make the plays then all of a sudden he becomes a factor."

Can Cruz be a factor?

"I think you have to be cautious," Gilbride said. "You don't put the cart in fron tof the horse on this one. But in terms of what he's shown from practice, you couldn't help but pay attention to him. What he showed Monday night, you had to be blind not to see that the guy played well. You just hope it continues. If it continues, well, knock on wood, we've found somebody."

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