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Grant: More players are missing more time because supplements have been banned

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten breaks a

Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten breaks a tackle attempt by New York Giants safety Deon Grant during the second quarter, Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010, in East Rutherford, N.J. Photo Credit: AP

Injuries are nothing new to the NFL. But it seems lately they’ve been in the headlines quite a bit. Especially in Giants headlines. Between two of the top three receivers, three of the top five offensive linemen, and the starting fullback all sidelined, the Giants are nearing critical mass as far as injuries.

Veteran safety Deon Grant has a theory on why that is.

“It’s always been like that,” he said. “The difference is you didn’t know about it because they didn’t ban all of those supplements that people were recovering their bodies with. They’ve banned so many things, it’s highlighted now, but it’s always been like that.”

How does a team handle injuries?

“You have to adjust,” Grant said. “Sometimes when a guy falls, that’s when you create a superstar. We just have to know who the next superstar is. We have some good additions with (Devin Thomas and Michael Clayton).”

Grant suspects things will only get worse if and when (looking more like when) the NFL goes to an 18-game schedule.

“Of course it’s going to be like that,” he said. “It’ll be worse unless they make the roster bigger. And I mean bigger as far as having some key guys in backup spots who can really come in the game and give some of the stars a break. Have a star playing behind a star. If not, yeah, it’s definitely going to be like that.

“You look at what guys are going through dealing with just 16 games and then you put the playoffs on it,” Grant continued. “Eighteen games, guys are going to be out there trying to play their hearts out because it counts. It’ll be good, don’t get me wrong, it’ll be good because, think about preseason. People are paying the same price for preseason tickets and all. Now they’ll be paying that same money for a regular season game and it counts. But in the same sense you want to see guys go out and play hard.

“You need that recovery, you need extra guys to go in there and give that same look.”


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