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Hagan checks out OK despite hex

I mentioned Thursday night that I might have put the whammy on Derek Hagan by telling him how impressed I’ve been with him catching everything and staying on the field. He said he recalled that conversation later in the evening when he was recovering from having to leave the field with a head injury.

“Last night I was like ‘Aw, man, I know I didn’t just get jinxed!’” he said when he was walking into the cafeteria and saw me Friday.

Hagan said he was fine, as I noted in the jog-through report below. He said his helmet hit the ground first and he was “a little woozy” and felt “a little lightheaded.” But he also said he could have gone back into practice had it lasted a little longer than it did.

“The doctors checked me out and everything was good,” he said.

He also said the act of his head hitting thr ground looked a lot worse on the film than it did in real time.

“I think I could take a Mike Tyson punch now after hitting the ground like that,” he said.

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