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Has Blackburn been the Rosetta Stone of the defense?

Chase Blackburn LB 6-4, 242 Akron Was elected

Chase Blackburn
LB 6-4, 242 Akron
Was elected special teams captain by his Giants teammates in 2010, his sixth season with the team.
Credit: David Pokress

Some people point to the return of Osi Umenyiora as the catalyst of the defense over the last few weeks. For Perry Fewell, it may be more about Chase Blackburn. Today the defensive coordinator essentially said that Blackburn has been the Rosetta Stone of the defense.

“Chase is a studier,” Fewell said. “He’s a guy that takes notes when you’re sitting and lecturing to the classroom. And everybody respects that. He asks great questions when we’re in the meetings. And so, he brought credibility. He brought a voice that, like, I can speak to Chase, Chase can speak to the defense, and we all spoke the same language. We misinterpreted a couple things here and there, but everybody knew he was gonna get it right. And he was gonna work hard to get it right. So I think it settled us down a lot more. Instead of us being indecisive, we became decisive.”

Fewell has been pleased with Blackburn’s voice.

“He’s played physical, he’s played well, and he has a great voice,” Fewell said. “I always talk about how Jon Goff had a good voice. When Chase shouts a command, everybody hears it. He has a great voice for our defense also.”

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