I guess I picked a good to submerge myself in our Jets coverage since things were moving around so rapidly it would have been difficult to keep track of them. Now I can just swoop in at the end of the day and give you a much clearer round-up of where we are.

And where we is basically where we were. The Giants still have no defensive coordinator. Their choices appear to be dwindling.

The latest news is that the Redskins have hired Jim Haslett to run their defense under Mike Shanahan, finalizing a deal before Haslett was able to get up to New York to interview with Tom Coughlin (I was able to confirm that that was set to happen, but not that it was scheduled for Wednesday as had been reported in a few other places. It might have been on Wednesday, that's just not something I could nail down. Moot now).

This on the heels of Romeo Crennel's giving the Chiefs dibs on his services.

Which leaves us with Perry Fewell, the first and -- as far as I can tell from a tight-lipped search -- only candidate to actually step foot on team property and interview face-to-face. Something might be in motion with him, too, however, as a cloak of silence has fallen on all communications with his normally gregarious camp.

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Does it mean he's negotiating a deal with the Giants? With the Bears? With Mrs. Fewell? I obviously can't tell. But my Spidey Sense is definitely tingling.

UPDATE: Was just told from a source that there is "no update" on Fewell tonight. We'll keep poking around tomorrow.